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Friday, February 4, 2011

A New Beginning!!

If you are a frequent reader of my blog you are going to see that I have made a lot of changes.  For awhile I have been trying to figure out what I want this blog to represent.  I have made a decision that this blog will be for Stampin' Up! products and creations only.  I want my Stampin' Up business to grow and expand which this blog will help with.  Also, it will make it a lot easier for the Stampin' Up customer to find what they are looking for.  Also, I do plan on having another blog which would be similar to how this blog was before.  It will be a mixture of my personal life and my Etsy Shop!!  At first I was totally against having 2 blogs but I have decided it is the best decision. 

 I have given myself this weekend to get everything up and running correctly again. I will also be splitting up my facebook fan pages.   So Monday morning you will have two new blogs to read!!  I hope you understand my decision to make these changes and will continue to read.  I look forward to this new challenge and look forward to sharing my paper creations!!  
See you on Monday!



Meezy said...

Keep the good work running, I'm your brand-new neighbour blog from Germany about the Beatles, life and pop culture. So you probably won't understand a word, but there will also be videos and pictures and fun stuff, so come over now and then.


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I randomly came across your blog and like it!

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